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Data Filters, Converters and Amplifiers

DATA INTERGRATION: As marine electronics installation professionals know, distributing data is increasingly becoming a key component in wheelhouses across the world.
But simply installing and connecting a variety of devices from varios manufactures isnīt always as simple as it might seem.

To address the complexity of integrating the abundance of voltage levels, data formats, and signal types found in modern wheelhouses, Marin Elektronik AB developed
the Animal Farm line of data solutions. Comprised of a wide range of Furry Animals, these products enable you to convert and mix the most commonly found data formats and levels.

Designed by technicians for the installer, the Animal Farm solutions have proven they can solve the most complex integration problems likely to be encountered in the day-to-day
installation of marine electronics.

Whether itīs pulse or SOG conversion, multiplexing, NMEA distribution, sentence filtering, or specialized application, thereīs Furry Animal with the bite to solve the problem.

Animal Farm is a collection name for NMEA 0183 related products manufactured by us, taking care of compatibility problems between different brands and types of navigation equipment.
The product range consists mainly of products for filtering, modifying and interfacing signals according to the NMEA 0183 standard. "Animals" for computer interfacing , are also part of the product collection.

"The Animals" are continuously breeding and new species are born. If you have a situation where a new kind of "Animal" is required, please contact Marin Elektronik. The Animal Farm may be expanded with new species as a solution to your and other customers problem.

With these pages, we like to present the Animal Farm and it's specimen to you.
Follow the link for the species of interest. The pages has a short function description of the different animals and brochures can be read or downloaded


Aardvark Course converters.


Baboon Speed converters.


Ferret NMEA 0183 sentence filters.
Genett Sounder converter


Lemming NMEA 0183 drivers.


Otter Displays for NMEA data.


Rabbit Hardware interfaces.


Racoon NMEA 0183 mixers.


Squirrel GPS status indicators.


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